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4 Kinds of Content to Make Your Followers Engage

As a social media manager and consultant, one of the things my clients frequently struggle with is ‘HOW do I come up with fresh content ideas that will actually get people to engage?’ The struggle of keeping things fresh and authentic, without posting just for the sake of posting is a real one – and I’ve fallen victim to it many times! But here are a few categories of content that prove to be successful every time.



-Contests + Giveaways

-Throwback Thursday

-Embarrassing Moments + Learning Curves



-Personal Success Stories

-Client Success Stories

-Your ‘Why’


-Tips + Tricks

-Answers to FAQs

-Free Resources


-Behind the Scenes


-Photos from your life

Now get out there and start sharing! What kinds of content do you find works best for your ideal audience? Let me know with a comment below!

I am a brand builder. A content creator. A digital media marketer. An early adopter. A trend maker and trend creator. I am a storyteller. Let me tell yours.

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