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How to Determine (and reach) Your Target Audience

An interesting question was posed to me the other day by a fellow fempreneur: ‘In most of your prompts you say “your following” or “your audience” — Using my photography account as an example: it seems like it would be a great place to connect with potential clients! But I think most of the people and accounts that follow me are other photographers or editors and wedding vendors, etc. With that in mind, is there something I can do to change the people I attract to my account?‘ This was a really interesting question to me, so I decided to break down how you can determine your target audience, as well as some tips on how to reach them!

Realize Engagement is a Two-Way Street

If you’re not currently attracting potential clients, spend 15 minutes of engagement per day on interacting with your target demographic. You can find these people by looking through the followers of your local competitors, interact with people who look like your ideal client, and make use of your Explore Tab on Instagram. Your Explore Tab is typically made up of people you tend to follow and interact with – do you find that you’re following a lot of competitors for inspiration? You get back what you put out! If you follow your target audience, you’re more likely to get follows from them back!

Identify Your Value Proposition

Ask yourself the following:

Why should people want to work with you?

What sets you apart?

What wisdom or words of advice can you provide your target audience to shift the narrative of your current page?

What are you providing your audience that makes them want to follow you? What value would they receive by following your account?

Know Your Insights

Do you know who your audience is? Utilize Facebook Business Insights to see the demographic of people who are following your Facebook page. Here you can see the age, gender, location, and time of day they are online. Are your boosted posts targeting the right people? Are you posting at the right time of day? Utilize Instagram Analytics to find out the same information – while Facebook owns Instagram, they are still two very different platforms with two different demographics. Does your Instagram content cater to your Instagram demographic?

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