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Why You Shouldn’t Auto-post and The Importance of Diversifying Your Social Content

We’ve all been guilty of auto-posting at some point or another. You know what I mean, falling victim to the simplicity of crafting one post, tapping on the toggles to your linked accounts and clicking ‘post’. Voila! Killing three-five birds with one stone! But is the ease of autoposting worth the repercussions?

The fact is, you have an opportunity to reach different audiences through your different social media platforms. I’ve broken it down into three simple categories:

  • Facebook: the opportunity to elaborate.
  • Instagram: the opportunity to showcase and humble brag.
  • Pinterest: the opportunity to inspire.

If you are autoposting, it means you’re sharing the same content across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and that discourages people from following you across multiple platforms. These are three completely different and individual social media channels and should be treated as such, otherwise what motivation does your die-hard fan have to follow you on more than one social account? No one likes repetitive content.

Next time you go to auto-post your Instagram content, think about a different way to share it on Facebook or Pinterest. Take advantage of linking opportunities offered by both, and recognize the individual strengths of each platform before clicking ‘post’.

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