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Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie

I’m notorious for taking pictures, and that includes selfies. Whether I’m taking a #LOTD photo for Instagram or a photo of myself for a new blog post, chances are I have my phone in hand, and the camera is focused on me. I hear a lot of people who are frustrated with selfies. They don’t like how they look in them compared to how others look in them. Well, I’m here to let you in on some secrets to taking the perfect selfie! It’s easier than you think.

Lighting is Key

One thing I’ve learned from the hundreds of selfies I’ve taken, is good lighting is essential to achieving the perfect selfie.

Artificial Light Above

Taking a picture with an artificial light over you can cast some super unflattering shadows and is pretty harsh.

Artificial Light Behind

This light is certainly more flattering behind you than above you, but it also completely flattens your face and gives you no dimension. Plus it can cast a halo over your head as well.

Artificial Light In Front

This lighting isn’t terrible, but it certainly doesn’t mask any sort of blemishes or flaws in your skin!

Natural Light In Front

See why  natural light is our favourite?! Chances are, unless you have an amazing studio set up in your home, natural light will be your best friend. Just stand infront of a window with the blinds/curtains open to let that light shine through! You’ll notice that the winter months tend to let in a cooler, blue-toned light, whereas the warmer months let in a warmer, yellow light.

Know Your Angles

I’m just as guilty as anyone for taking selfies back in high school with the lens pointed down at me. Truth be told, it’s unflattering, enlarges your forehead, and makes your eyes look slightly neurotic.

Hold the camera parallel to your face, not above it pointing down to achieve the most realistic look.

Invest in Some Extra Help

If you want to be able to take photos at any time of day, consider investing in a mini ring light for your phone! These little gadgets will light up your face wherever you are, even after the sun has set and you’ve lost your natural lighting for the day.

Editing Apps are Your Best Friend

When it comes to photo editing, I like to keep my photos as natural as possible. I tend to only increase the brightness if necessary to really make my face glow. My favourite app? Afterlight. You have to pay a one-time fee for it, but for the amount I use it, it’s totally worth it. Filters, editing tools, and more can be found in this app, making it my go-to each time I take a selfie. I also love to use PhotoMirror to achieve my infamous mirror pictures.

And A Beautiful Mess to add fun doodles and overlays to my photos to create some interest when I’m on the go.

I hope this helps you in your selfie journey! Do you have any advice on achieving the perfect selfie that I missed? Let me know with a comment below!

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