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5 Tips for Styling a Flatlay

If you’re looking to build a catalog of stunning imagery for your Instagram or other channels, a flatlay is a great place to start. Without taking too much effort, flatlays are visually appealing and tend to get great engagement on Instagram and Pinterest.

Here are some tips to help you with your visual styling and the steps needed to result in a high-end, aesthetically pleasing piece of content.

1. Layering

The items used in your flatlay do not need to sit next to each other in an equal distance apart. Layering will become your best friend! Experiment with different angles and don’t feel the need to capture the full flatlay – cropping adds additional interest.

2. Props

Use props to your advantage. Random items like gold paper clips or florals or a pair of glasses or stack of books are good examples of generic items to include in your flatlay while your focus point may be a specific product.

3. Textures

Speaking of props – adding interest to your flatlays through texture will capture your audience as they scroll through your feed. Mix up your patterns, textures, and other props – even if something doesn’t appear to be relevant, if it adds creative interest it may be worth including.

4. Lighting

Now that you’ve established the items to include in your flatlay, it’s important to ensure that your display is well-lit. Shadows can instantly ruin a flatlay, so ensure you have even lighting from all angles and don’t be afraid to shift things around if need be until it the items are presenting well.

5. Editing

You’ve captured your flatlay image! Now it’s time to edit before posting. Some of my favourite editing apps include Facetune and Afterlight, but you can read about some of my other favourite photo-editing apps in a recent blog post!

Once you post your flatlay on Instagram, tag me at – I would love to see it!

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