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3 Rules for Building Your Online Brand

The thought of building an online brand can be incredibly intimidating for those who aren’t tech savvy or didn’t grow up with social media. One of the questions I often hear when it comes to starting an online presence is ‘Where do I even start?!’ Frankly, asking that question is a great place! There are so many pieces that make up an online brand. Because of that, I’ve decided to break down my branding strategy into three simple rules to help you on your way.

Rule #1

Be Consistent

Nothing makes me cringe more than when I see a brand using a different social media handle, different profile picture, and/or different logo variation across several different social media platforms. Rule of thumb? Your Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram should have the same bio, same handle, and same profile photo. Why? Consistency is key.

Beyond that? Having a different handle or photo will make finding your brand/business online incredibly challenging for prospective or loyal clients. In the day of social media, our attention span does not grant us the appropriate amount of time to go digging through various profile in hopes we’ll stumble upon yours. Make it as simple as humanly possible while building an online brand for people to find you.

Rule #2

Be Authentic

Stay true to yourself, to your brand, and to your followers. Any time I share a sponsored post or story on Instagram, I ensure it’s an accurate representation of me as a person. On my influencer marketing channel, TheAlyWolfe , for example, the last thing I want is for my audience to think all of my content is being financed by corporations and therefore disingenuous or, ya know, shady. There are certain ways to incorporate other brands or products into your content, because, let’s be real – expecting brands to leave their content completely unmonetized on a free platform is unrealistic. Your girl’s gotta make some money.

With that being said, you never have to sacrifice your audience or your voice at the expense of whoever is footing the bills. If a partner is asking that of you, you might want to think long and hard about whether that particular partnership is the right one for you.

Which leads us into…

Rule #3

Be Vulnerable

People want to support people. If you’re building an online brand and a person associates it with a positive or relatable emotion, they are more likely to not only follow you, but support you. Think about any business you’ve ever worked with that made you feel angry or wronged you. A certain cellphone provider is coming to mind for me. How likely is it that you would recommend that business to someone you care about or, better yet, use them again yourself? Unless you’re an outlier or Mother Teresa, I’m assuming your answer is ‘not very likely unless they want to give me a free Macbook,’ in which case, touche.

By inserting yourself into your content, you’re showing the face behind the brand, and therefore humanizing your brand and making it one that your prospective customers can relate to. Share your story, share you out and about at another local business, or spending the day with your kids. It doesn’t have to be all business, all the time.

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